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M&M's Marketing

M&M's candies has a broad target market, everyone can enjoy eating M&M's. M&M's cartoon characters are colorful, friendly, and funny. The same cartoon commercials that allure kids contain adult humor and sexual innuendos. M&M's are sold in every grocery store, and gas station so that they cover middle class and lower class. Specialty M&M's are sold over the Internet, which are aimed at the higher class. M&M/Mars doesn't have a specific target market. The company markets to all sectors of the market through distinctive marketing schemes they utilize mass marketing to target a large market at once. Some major markets are: children, Latino's, middle-aged women, people on the run, etc.
M&M Minis are marketed toward kids by using an energetic marketing forum. They are usually shown running, jumping, and sliding around all over the place. There is a new flavor of M&M's specifically targeted at the increasing American Latino population. This new flavor is called dulce de leche, or caramel. Caramel has been a staple in the Latino diet for many years, so it is clever for M&M/Mars to develop this product and direct it towards Latinos. The elegantly packaged holiday gift box of chocolates called "Creations" is directed towards middle-aged women because it allows her to give a gift that she knows will be appreciated. It looks like it costs a lot more than the actual price and it is a familiar product everyone likes. The new confident image of the green M&M is aimed at women. Women can relate to her sexy and self-assured attitude. Women can also appreciate that "green's" allure comes from her personality and not her figure. M&M's works hard to make sure that their brands are at the back of consumers heads all ...

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...orld. This makes them more costly because the demand is greater then the supply. These ingredients are also highly subjectable to price fluctuations. This is due to the fact that cocoa trees are very sensitive to their surrounding elements, and many diseases plague the cocoa trees around the world.
During a "chocolate scare" in the early 1970's when the supply of chocolate went way down and the price went way up Hershey's who uses chocolate as a main ingredient more than Mars does had to cut down on spending in some area of business, so they chose to cut down spending on advertising. Mars saw this as an opportunity to spend more money on advertising and even more importantly M&M/Mars saw an opportunity to knock Hershey's out of the #1 spot. M&M's plan was successful, they used very aggressive marketing and they become the #1 chocolate/candy company in America.

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