Essay on How to Motivate Your Staff

Essay on How to Motivate Your Staff

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How to Motivate Your Staff

My problem definition states; "How to maintain a motivating work environment?"
The aim of my research is to analyze the methods used in maintaining a motivating work environment.
The reason why I choose motivation as my research topic is because I find it very challenging for managers to retain their employees and to keep a low employee turnover.
To retain your employees is not easy and knowing that employees are all different persons with different ideas, perceptions and characteristics makes it easy to understand that employees quit for different reasons ,so different methods of motivation are necessary.
Through my learning objectives I hope to learn how to motivate employees and all my learning objectives relate to the motivation process and I have used some different motivation methods as learning objectives.
First I will give an explanation of what motivation means and I will write about some communication skills a manager needs in order to effectively communicate with the employees so he understands what drives the employees.
Furthermore I will write about some motivation methods managers can use to motivate their employees.

In this learner report my learning objectives are the following questions:
1. What is motivation?
2. How important are the communication skills of a manager to keep employees motivated?
3. How to motivate personnel through recruitment?
4. Employees and the selection process.
5. How can training motivate employees?
6. The importance of performance appraisals.
7. How can incentive programs motivate employees?
8. How to decrease staff turnover?

Employees and the selection process. ...

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