Essay about Household Goods Movement System

Essay about Household Goods Movement System

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Household Goods Movement System

Did you ever wonder what went into the process of a household goods move? United Van Lines, a subsidiary of UNIGROUP, Inc. is the undisputed leader among American movers, with a market share approaching 24 percent (inbound Logistics). Internationally, United offers regular service to, from, and among 125 countries around the world, as well as all 50 states of the union and Puerto Rico. Currently, more than 200 agency and agency groups each generate at least $1 million in business during the course of the average business year.
Owned by UNIGROUP affiliated agencies and senior management, United continues to take the leadership role in the moving industry. I am going to discuss the system used to process an order during peak-season, May-September and off-peak season, October-April. I will explore possibilities in increasing sales of residential household good shipments during the off-peak season and how communication is channeled, along with defining a customer-base. The threat of competition will be examined to provide the basis for strategic and marketing decisions. I will show an example of how the system is used to process a household goods move including moving an automobile and the pros and cons of information channels.
The first thing management has to determine is who is the customer. United has effectively tried to gain a niche in the moving industry with a proactive style. Currently United provides service for government, military, national account contracts, and residential (COD) customers. With military downsizing and national accounts being more of a year round market presence, United has to continue to offer incentives to residential customers to get them to move du...

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...hen followed an order from it being sold to the customer to registration to delivery and who is affected and how communication is vital in this process.
I feel if at anytime there is a breakdown in the household goods moving system, there may be delays in pickup or delivery, which may ultimately lead to customer dissatisfaction. I believe the most important aspect of the system is communication. An informed customer can handle negative information better than a customer left in the dark with no information at all.



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