What You Hear is Not Always What You Get Essay

What You Hear is Not Always What You Get Essay

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What You Hear is Not Always What You Get

The American sports: football, basketball, and baseball are depicted as
violent activities where football is the most aggressive, basketball is fairly
unfriendly, and baseball is the least combative. In contrast, the performance of
violent contact in these sports does not always dictate their use of violent language.
The difference between exchanging violent communication towards an opponent is
determined by the physical level of a sport. Similarly, using battle language and
weaponry to describe sports action can make events sound exciting. While baseball
is viewed as the least violent sport between football and basketball, all sports use
the same vulgar terminology.

The activity of violent contact in these sports does not always result in
violent speech, but violent terms are also found in game situations where no
physical contact is made. Football is a sport that is inherently violent, so it is
expected to be reflected in their language. Baseball is perceived to be the least
violent, so we bypass baseball terms that can be determined as violent, and the
same baseball language, also used in football and basketball, as being peaceful. In
football and basketball, the term "beat" does not refer to the violation of striking
someone. Baseball also utilizes the term "beat" as football and basketball use it to
get past an opponent, only that a baseball player's opponent is a ball. The usage of
"bomb" in football carries a similar meaning of a "bomb" in baseball. The method of
"bomb" in both sports is not directed toward violent contact, but to describe a long
pass or hit. If I knew nothing about the sport, I would automatically assume that
terms such as "dro...

... middle of paper ...

...t between football, basketball, and baseball
players. Violent language in football can also be associated with baseball too, as
synonyms or antonyms of the fundamental meaning. Differentiating between the
physical level of the sport, it is found that football and basketball take on extreme
terminology due to physical competitiveness between the players. Together, all
sports intertwine by the usage of "battle and weaponry slang" to add excitement to
sport action. While measuring violent conduct in each sport, violent language is
exercised in football, basketball, and baseball.


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