Keeping an Optimistic Attitude in Life Essay example

Keeping an Optimistic Attitude in Life Essay example

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Keeping an Optimistic Attitude in Life

Optimistic and pessimistic attitudes constantly affect the outcome of people's lives. In my life, I try to keep an optimistic attitude about the things I do because I know it will help lead me to more desirable ends. There have been many situations in which optimism has helped me through difficult times. Two areas in particular have provided me optimistic experiences: athletics and academics.
First, optimism was very apparent while I was the co-captain of my high school soccer team. I was captain during my senior year, perhaps the year we had the best team since I had begun playing in eighth grade. Right from the start of the season I had to show leadership and bring improvement in skill among the younger players. I worked side by side with my coach and the other co-captain to lead the team into what was to be a successful season. Also, in addition to working to improve the skills of the younger players, I had to increase the desire they had in their hearts to be on the field and play to the best of their abilities. This involv...

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