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The Matrix

The Matrix has been doing remarkably well in sales since its release in the cinema last summer and its recent video releases. This is largely due to stylish advertising techniques and word of mouth. The Matrix has been approved by critics who enjoy the film and also the ones who dislike the theme. Among young viewers, it has already achieved great status. So what else is the film about? Firstly the film copies the theme from many popular films that came before it, and involves intelligent science fiction, a large chunk of action and breathtaking special effects,

The Matrix is a carbon copy of films like The Terminator and Star Wars. But the greatest influence on "The Matrix" is the movie The Dark City. A comparable factor of both these films are the constant religious themes used by the producers. Both films concentrate on The One (the Messiah) who has come to save the world by using their own unique powers or abilities. In most of these types of films the public or others are usually unaware of the dangers and disasters until late on in the films.

The Matrix signifies modern society by using religious examples and notions, to show that there is only one god and he is the only savior in times of need. In modern society there are many new religions being created to suit the individual, this is because there is a need for something to control our lives, our actions, how we do certain things and generally just a set of rules to live by. This is why most people find they need a religion. In the Matrix the lead character Neo (Keanu Reeves) is given the choice of becoming part of a religion or not. He is offered this choice by deciding on two different pills, the red one and blue one. He picks the red pill, ...

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...llowers on the right path and keep peace.

The Matrix includes a very interesting subject which is, that of vast technology and that of moral principles. The speed at which technology is moving is incredible, people are worrying that soon everything will be computerized and that there will be many technological problems. The Matrix uses its complex technology to tell a story of how artificial intelligence was created and caused many problems in their society. This is very similar to modern day life. Religions offer an additional answer to technology, which is constantly being debated. Religion is a very big part of the film and explains why Neo did what he did. Neo always wanted to be part of a religion or have a set of rules that governed him and in the end he was successful in his fight. The question is how do we define the difference between a god and a hero?

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