Frida Kahlo's Influence Essay

Frida Kahlo's Influence Essay

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Frida Kahlo's Influence

Frida Kahlo's influence still lingers around the world. Even with Frida dead for almost two decades, she is still celebrated and thought of as an idol. Frida Kahlo was an artist in many different ways. Besides Frida's incredible talent to paint surrealist thoughts and emotions on canvas, she also was and artist in her mind and body. Frida's attire of traditional Mexican clothing, which consisted of long, colorful dresses and exotic jewelry, and her thick connection eyebrows, became her trademark. To the public, Frida Kahlo appeared to be full of spirit and joy. She walked through life happily, with a smile glued to her face. However, her feelings of anguish, anger, unhappiness of her painful miscarriages, and physical and mental sufferings were expressed through her artwork. Her paintings were full of personal content. They expressed her internal feelings. The world was unaware of the agony of the "real" Frida Kahlo. The world has been fascinated with Kahlo's artwork because of her emotional background. Her creative style was always breathtaking yet bewildering. Frida was probably the most idolized woman artist of her time and today, she is a figure of legendary power whose work inspires excitement and awe throughout the world. (Daniels 88) Many of Frida Kahlo's artwork was inspired by her own personal experiences; in "The Broken Spine", she paints of her sufferings caused by a tram crash, also in "Diego and I", Kahlo expresses her chaotic marriage with Mexican muralist, Diego Rivera and in "Self-Portrait with Monkeys", Kahlo paints the only children she could have (85).
Kahlo's life began and ended in Mexico City. Although she was born on July 7, 1907, she gave her birth date as July 7, 1910, t...

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... Kahlo's thick and connecting eyebrows will remain her trademark throughout the world for centuries to come.


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