Vietnam in the Beginning: Literature Review Essay

Vietnam in the Beginning: Literature Review Essay

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Vietnam was a poor country and very passive except in the north where a leader known as Ho Chi Mihn converted and taught his people about communism. So upon seeing this action the United States intervened to keep the South Vietnamese from the persecution from the North Vietnamese, and to keep them from communism. Was this the right answer yes or no!

Dolan, Edward. MIA: Missing in Action. Franklin Watts.New York 1989.

Peace talks filled the room in Paris, France. The United States and the North Vietnamese sat their deliberating talks trying to come to a peaceful negotiation, but these talks would always end up in a shouting match, and the issue at hand would not come to a close (Dolan 27). Richard Nixon went along a different road then the peacekeepers he wanted to end the United States involvement in the war with a policy that he called "Vietnamization" (Dolan 28).
Vietnamization was a policy that would allow the United States to build up the South Vietnamese Army to the point where if they had to that they could sit there and defend themselves from the North Vietnamese Army (Dolan 28). This was a slow process but in time United State soldiers were pulled away from this conflict, and the South Vietnamese took over most of the ground fight. The United States still provided air support and economic aid (Dolan 28).

This book demonstrates a good grasp of the peace talks that failed in Paris that ultimately resulted in the beginning of the conflict. It showed that there was an effort and an attempt to get our soldiers out of this drastic predicament. This reference is different
from the other books in respect to the in depth look at the "Vietnamization" policy constructed by President Richard Nixon.


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... just fabrications of the truth. In all actuality I believe that if we ever had to do this again that the first thing we do is declaring a full-fledged war on whatever country was starting the confrontation. Then second make it quick and easy decision for the American people to take either pro or con it makes no difference. No matter what you do as a President or a senator in congress you are always going to ruffle feathers but the feathers that you would want to ruffle would be that of the minority. If actions like these are taken then we will have a successful campaign like that of Desert Storm where we had the nation in arms supporting our troops, and later when they came home they would walk into open arms of loved ones and family members. Vietnam was a great learning experience in what not to do. We have learned from our mistakes and we have moved on.

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