The Pros and Cons of Teaching Sex Education in Public Schools Essay

The Pros and Cons of Teaching Sex Education in Public Schools Essay

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      Picture a young couple being on the verge of exploring their sexual desires for the first time. The question is does this young couple have the proper education to make this life changing decision? They most likely were given their education from the school they attend. Hopefully the school taught them what they needed to know to make such a decision. Should sex education be taught at school by teachers or by the parents?

Problems with having sex education at school

There are many problems with having sex education in public schools. Religion plays an important part to the topic of sex education. Some parents feel that if the school gets to speak to their children about sex before they do, than important things about their religion will be left out of the discussion. If their religion says not to have premarital sex, then that child doesn't need to learn the proper way to put on a condom, where to go to get birth control pills, or anything about abortion. None of this information is going to be needed because the child of the family who uses religion as a guideline for everyday life. These children don't need their heads filled with what isn't important in their religion. According to the Web page SIECUS, parents are-and ought to be-the primary sexuality educators of their children. From the moment of birth, children learn about love, touch, and relationships. Infants and toddlers receive sexuality education through example when their parents talk to them, dress them, show affection, play with them, and teach them the names of the parts of their bodies ("Sexuality").

Another reason parents want to teach their children about sex education is that they feel it is up to them and no one else to teach their kids ...

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