The Endangered Species of New York Essay

The Endangered Species of New York Essay

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The Endangered Species of New York

What exactly does the term endangered species denote? There can be numerous definitions that correctly describe the term. It is any plant or animal whose survival is in jeopardy of becoming extinct. Extinction, of course, is when the species no longer exists, and there is no way it can be brought back to this earth. In most cases, the cause of this displeasing calamity is generally human-related.
As more time goes on, more species are in peril of becoming extinct. The rate at which they are being lost is startling, even when compared with the catastrophe of the extinction of the dinosaurs approximately 70 million years ago. Nobody knows exactly what the current extinction rate is, but according to leading scientists it is around 1,000 to 10,000 times greater than normal. The rate of extinction seems to keep escalating as time passes as well. Everywhere you go there are hundreds of species at risk of becoming extinct. They are threatened in every habitat of every continent. Freshwater habitats, especially rivers and lakes, are severely affected by species extinction because of the lackadaisical dumping of hazardous wastes.

Now you might ask yourself, "why are so many animals vanishing off the face of this earth?" Well, there are several different causes for the extinction of hundreds of endangered species. As I already stated, the majority of this lies on the shoulders of the disgraceful, careless measures taken by the human race. Hunting is one of the main reasons for animals in the wild becoming extinct. The animals are sought after for food, for their skin, and in some cases, even their bones. Water pollution and air poll...

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...g programs. In some places, species have been reintroduced to parts of their former range, and are increasing.
There is also a new method that scientists are trying to use for the conservation of endangered animals. Sperm freezing, artificial insemination and embryo transfer are routine methods in several domestic species and applications of these techniques may also be used in wild species. However, reproduction physiology is very specific and before any technique can successfully be applied, the main reproduction features must be examined in target species or at least in a nearby relative species.
In conclusion, for the species crisis to be addressed effectively, far greater action is needed. These issues are being tackled slowly, but hopefully the human race will realize how important wildlife really is, and start supporting the endangered species.

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