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Sports and Recruitment for Colleges Essay

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Every Saturday, college campuses all across the nation are a buzz with activities. The football team prepares for this week?s game. The girl?s soccer team and volleyball teams play on Saturday and Sunday. The boy?s soccer team travels for an away game. Colleges and universities everywhere depend on various sports as a way of recruitment, entertainment, and physical activity for students. However, before 1972 women did not share the same opportunity to participate in intercollegiate sports. Up until 1972 there were no rules governing sexism in intercollegiate sports. Then, when President Nixon signed into law the Education Amendments Acts, part of the new law was called Title IX. This part of the new law abolished sexism in intercollegiate sports. Since its inception, Title IX has lead to giant steps in women?s sports. Understanding what Title IX is will help to understand how Title IX has helped bring on gains for all women.

The Education Amendments Act of 1972 was signed into law on June 23, 1972 by President Richard Nixon (Wulf, 79). Part of this larger bill was an amendment called Title IX. This part of the bill called for an end to sexual bias in institutions that receive federal funds. Though Title IX did not have any specific correlation to intercollegiate sports, on the playing field is where it has been used most. In 1975, the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare extended Title IX?s boundaries to athletics, saying recipients of federal funds must provide ?equal athletic opportunity?(Guenin 35). Now extended to athletics, there are three major stipulations colleges must cover to satisfy the Title IX laws.

These three stipulations are government set regulations. Congress never approved the po...

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...rown claimed that females had the chance to equal the ratio, but failed to attempt to fill the teams (Guenin 37). Brown spent over one million dollars defending themselves in court. This money could have been used to possibly expand female?s athletics.. The school ended up losing the court battle almost four years later. Like all laws, how one interprets them determines their effectiveness.

Since President Richard Nixon signed the Education Amendments Act of 1972, women?s sports have taken a giant leap. Part of this new law, Title IX, outlawed sexual discrimination in intercollegiate athletics. This gave women the necessary step to reach the same level as men. ?Women don?t have to have 50% of the varsity positions to succeed in athletics. They need equal opportunity.?(Mahoney 78). Title IX started the process of ending sexual discrimination everywhere.

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