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Literature Review

The purpose of the study

The Purpose of the study was to trace and analyze the impact of sales personnel in the used car industry. The study focuses on the current ways in which used car dealers are marketing their products in the Kingston Metropolitan area. The assessment will be done on the following areas:

1. To what extent do salesperson competence impact on profitability
2. How profitable are salespersons strategies to the company
3. How do salespersons impact on their customer
4. How important are salesperson in the sale of used cars
5. Summary

In 1997-98 Jamaica spent US $205.9 million on importing 39292 vehicles. The previous year, US $263.6 million was spent to import 27335 with the majority of the permits being used car dealers (Observer, July 25, 1999). This was partly due to the fact that more and more car sales men are becoming more effective in the marketing of used cars.
Sales men are taking advantage of the situation that exist in Jamaica, seeing the need for employment and the developing trend of people using used vehicles for taxi, these vehicles are priced at a more affordable cost, facilitating the easy acquisition, more efficient and better payment plan being available to customers. For instance, Mc Ds offers used car at 40% down, 4 years to pay at 15% interest, with special discounts offered to teachers, nurses, policemen and firemen.
The increased extent to which sales person market 'used vehicles' can be emphasized by the influx of 'deportees' being used as taxi whether being authorized or robot. With an alarming increase in used car operating as robot, this served to threaten the viability of the JUTC bus system as shown by commander Mc Farlane in his st...

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... the sales person to build a basis of trust and confidence with customers. Only personal selling can deliver such customer-by-customer accommodation.



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