Sex Education Should Be Offered in Public Schools Essay

Sex Education Should Be Offered in Public Schools Essay

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Should Sex Education Be Offered in Public Schools

Sex can be traced back as far as Adam and Eve, the first two people on this planet. Today, all age groups encounter things associated with sex, but it is not a problem that concerns everyone. The problem that has been at hand for more than thirty years is should sex education classes be offered in Public Schools? (1.Teaching Fear; 1996)
The reason such debate has arose over the years is because there are many diverse opinions about the topic. Children are now faced with problems at a much earlier age than years passed. There must be a way to reach the children before they are in such need of help and are clueless about the devastating problems around them. Sex education is one step in the right direction, when it comes to the health of our children, and the guarantee of a solid future.
Although some people disagree with the idea of sex education classes, in the public school system, the majorities seem to favor it. On the other hand, some people agree with the idea of sex education, but feel like the problem lies more in the way that it is taught, rather than being totally against the idea. Those who are against sex education in class feel as though all the classes would do is create more problems. They are uncertain
about the outcome, whether or not it would cause students to be more or less likely to engage in sexual activities and intercourse.( 2.Keen, Cathy. Florida Teens Get Inadequate Sex Education; 1999)
The main concerns for most people, especially parents, are what can the students learn from the classes and how can they apply it to their lives. In some cases, people feel as though new methods of teaching the subject would bring better results, such as lower t...

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