Essay on American and German Propaganda of WWI

Essay on American and German Propaganda of WWI

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American propaganda during WWI was used to spread ideas and information for the purpose of helping the American cause, specifically through, songs, posters, pamphlets and leaflets. America joined the Allies forces in 1917 in Europe to fight against the Central Powers. The American government needed something to spark the peoples' interest in the war. The most effective tool the government found and used was propaganda. The American government used propaganda to reach out to the people. The government wanted to reach people of all ages. Similarly, Germany fought back with her own propaganda, by purposely dropping leaflets and pamphlets on the ground to try and convince American soldiers, especially blacks, to join their side. In my opinion American propaganda was much more effective than German propaganda, because American propaganda appealed to fear: fear of becoming a prisoner, fear of taking away children, and the fear of separating families.

Through songs, posters and pamphlets the American society was attacked through psychological warfare. The songs helped to internalize pa...

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