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Federalism Federalism is a system of government that divides power between a national government and a regional government with the use of a constitution. Throughout the United States history, federalism has played a significant role in the constitution and the system of government adopted by the United States of America. Federalism has also changed throughout the course of America's history to fit the constitution and the government. Montesquieu was a French philosopher who was very important in the American constitutional thought. He was a man who was referred to more that any other theoretical writer and wrote, "The Spirit of the Laws." Some of Montesquie's theories or views were that the Republic form of government was only possible in small societies, a federal republic is where several societies, form to make a more new and enlarged society, and he believed the cure for internal strife within a country is commerce because it cures destructive prejudices and keeps people aware of their interdependence for comfort and security. Montesquieu's greatest influence on the American constitution is his doctrines of separation of powers. In Montesquieu's doctrines, he discusses the three distinctive branches of government. The actual people in each of the branches should develop distinct ways of governing which will provide groups in society some form of accomodation in the government's decision making roles. Checks and Balances is another theory of Montisquieu. Which is a system where one branch of government has some form of power over the other two branches. "Montisquieu was one of the most important theorists and was referred to by James Madison as the "oracle who is always consulted and cited." David Hume ... ... middle of paper ... ... the plan of the act. Cuts in some basic programs will be made to gain 55 billion dollars. The Aid to Families with Dependent Children(AFDC) will not have any reductions taken from it, but the people will be affected by it due to the changes in the structure to the program. The AFDC is converted to a block grant where states will receive a certain amount of resources for programs. The states are required to do this procedure which this new mandate affects the states because state funding will be reduced as long as the federal funding is diverted to other uses. This causes the benefits for families who are needy to become less. In conclusion, since its adoption the American system of federalism as gone through many different changes and interpretations. The Supreme Court's decisions tend to point the concept of American federalism in its different directions.

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