Essay on The Greeks and The Illiad

Essay on The Greeks and The Illiad

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The Greeks and The Illiad

The Iliad was a masterpiece of a work, which entertained and gave a description of how the Greeks lived out their lives in battle and at peace. The Iliad, by Homer, is an epic classic set in Ancient Greece. The story ,in its own, contained the use of epic characteristics, which reveal further characteristics of the Greeks. A large influence on the book, was the Greek's religious and mythological stance along with their strengths and weaknesses that were also displayed. The Greeks, with both their strengths and weaknesses, reveal the overall character in Homer's tale..

The story of the Iliad takes place in ancient Greece, Troy to be precise. Where a small scuffle has escalated into a war, over the Trojan capture of Helan, a Greek princess, from her home in Sparta. The Greeks retaliate and soon set sail to attack Illion,or Troy, to get Helan back. Much to their dismay Zeus, the ruler of the gods, has taken sides with the Trojans, along with Phoebus Apollo(god of music and wisdom), Aphrodites(goddess of beauty), Mars(god of war) and many other lesser gods. However, the Greek receive help from Hera(wife to Zeus), Athene(goddess of war), Poseiden(god of sea), Volcan(blacksmith god), and Thetis(nymph god). Each side wars heavily upon one another and kills many of each. The Achaians(Greeks) warrior Achilles, is the strongest among all others among him in his army and in the Trojans. His mother was Thetis and guards him relentlessly for he is her only son and is destined to die far from his home. Hektor, second only to Achilles is the Trojans most valiant fighter. Most of the story involves detailed battles with the imminent death of Hector by Achilles, and the storming of Troy.

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...amemnon may recognize his madness, that he did no honor to the best of the Achaians."(70)

The Greeks with both their great abilities and flaws reveal their overall traits in Homer's Iliad. With the use of Epic characteristics, which bring out their common features. Their religion and beliefs greatly influenced them. In the sight of their strengths and weaknesses, further more of the Greeks themselves. The Iliad does an excellent job of portraying the all together make up of the Achanian's vices and virtues. Therefore one can distinctly make the connection between the Danaan's society and culture to Homer's story, the Iliad. All is due in hopes that one could become interested in the Greek's and their mythology. Although the Iliad is a fictional tale, it provides much insight to the way they lived their lives in peace and at war, however mostly war.

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