The Extent of Opposition Towards the Nazis Essay

The Extent of Opposition Towards the Nazis Essay

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The Extent of Opposition Towards the Nazis

There was little opposition that was effective in resistance to the Nazis. Hitler's power was finally consolidated in 1934 when Hindenburg died in August of that year, up until this time Hitler could have been dismissed as Chancellor. However, after this time he could not legally be removed. The evidence also suggests the mass population had not many reasons to resist a new government which, seemed at the time to turn around Germany, almost abolishing unemployment and improving living conditions. Organisations that opposed the regime were in the minority, due to the threat of punishment and the power of the police state. Also the organisations were only united in one aim, the downfall of Hitler and the Nazis, and this was not enough, as they were divided on the methods to achieve this, and what should replace Nazi Germany.
The Army and the Church were in the best position to oppose the regime. They both had legal reasons to meet in public in large groups, whereas political groups had been abolished when Hitler came into power. The Church could not be integrated into the Nazis or abolished. The Church itself had great influence over the German people, as ninety percent of the population in 1932 were either Catholic or Protestant. It was well organised and strong, especially as it was internationally based. However the priests were not interested in opposing the regime, the leadership of the churches were very naive in believing that they could reach and understanding with the Nazis, and as most of the German population and even the world, they underestimated the Nazis ability and gave in easily to them. Churches did use methods to criticise the regime as they disagreed with ma...

... middle of paper ... really became unmanageable for the regime. The mixed strategies of propaganda and incentives, food on the table when it was most required and Gestapo surveillance for the most part ensured the compliance of the working class in public." From M.Housden 'Germans and their opposition to the Third Reich'
The extent of opposition to the Nazis was ineffective due to Hitler's mass popularity with the people, and the opposition groups being unable to co-operate with each other. Coupled with Hitler's forceful and terrorising SS and Gestapo watching over the German people constantly. Hitler knew his aims, and a major priority was keeping opposition repressed. He succeeded for many years because of his banning other political parties and making opposition illegal. Therefore the little opposition that did remain was not supported and so did not threaten the Nazi State.

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