Essay on Racial Discrimination Against Non-whites

Essay on Racial Discrimination Against Non-whites

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Racial Discrimination Against Non-whites

During the time of War World II, many group of nonwhite race faced unfairness in the United States. Among all the minorities that were being discriminated against, the two most well known races were the African American and the Japanese American. They were treated unfairly due to their color and culture. Even though they are two totally distinct groups with different customs and backgrounds, they felt similar the way they were being treated. Both group were denied of their right as U.S. citizen. Despite the fact that many African Americans and Japanese Americans were born and raise in the
United States, the U.S. government questioned their loyalty due to their ancestry. As for Japanese American, the main reason they were being victimized was due to the hostility between Japan and United States. Like the novel No-No Boy, by John Okada, mentions, many Japanese were forced to choose between being an American or Japanese, but not both. However, it is a little different for the African Americans. African Americans, they were being looked at as a lower class citizen, originally brought over as slaves. Even after the war, regardless of the fact that many of them are free citizens, they are still being kept from many of their rights. Even with the different causes, the African Americans and the Japanese American experience discrimination in a similar way.
The war affected the Japanese Americans in many ways. Most Japanese came to United States for the dream of better earning, and one-day to return to Japan after becoming rich. However, this dream did not come true for most Japanese immigrants. Even though they did not achieve their goal, they continued to stay and form f...

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...are. This vicious type of prejudice indoctrination is familiar to every Negro.
U.S. nationalism in its white supremacy has been a major problem in preventing the unification of this country. Many nationalist of nonwhite race were being shut out because of their color. Franklin was first swept up in patriotic fervor after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He was frantic to join the U.S. Navy but lacked one credential: color; they could not hire him because he was black. Equally qualified black men were often denied of positions that they were well eligible for. Similar incidence like this prevents American as a whole to unite together. Even till today, there are still much discrimination against certain race, culture, sex and religion. In order for U.S. to unite as a whole, it is necessary for people to look beyond color and see everyone as simply "Americans".

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