Global Policies

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Global Policies Mr. President -- Based on historical recordings of the Earth's temperatures over the past several decades, it is easy to see that within the past several years we have witnessed worldwide warming trends. This warming can be attributed to many aspects of natural temperature fluxes combined with human actions, commonly referred to as global warming. Based on these readings the two hottest recorded years have been within the past five years of our history, 1998 and 2001. Dramatic heating, as we have seen, creates only problems for modern society and for those in our future; it is left to the government to decide the outcome of our environment. Alarmingly warm temperatures in 1998 and 2001 have left environmentalists and others in a state of shock. El Nino, a natural phenomenon that warms ocean temperatures in the surface layers in the eastern and central equatorial Pacific Ocean, can explain the warmer climate in 1998. This is usually counteracted by another phenomenon, which we should have experienced in 2001, known as La Nina ( This increase in warmth leads to one large problem -- the melting of the polar ice caps. Common knowledge tells us that when ice melts it transposes into water; however, where is all of this newly formed water going? As one might suspect, it is going into the backyards of all those lucky enough to own beachfront property -- an estimated sea level rise of 6.38inches will occur by the year 2100. Rising sea level has already affected coastal farmland in such states as Florida, where the rise has contaminated farmland causing it to be useless. This unfortunately is only the beginning of problems we will face in the future due to this warming. Trapped withi... ... middle of paper ... ...adopting new technologies only seem to boost the economy and create jobs. In short, it is time for the United States to jump on the bandwagon. We need to show other nations, and ourselves, that we care about the state of our environment and will not allow it to deteriorate as it has been doing. Mr. President, the only plausible way to move concerning these issues is forward -- yet we seem to be moving backwards. Thank you for your time, and I hope you take these issues to heart as much as I do. Only good can come out of fighting for our environment. Stephanie Bibliography: Works Cited Duneier, Mitchell, and Giddens, Anthony. Introduction to Sociology. (W.W. Norton & Company, 2000). Paige, Benjamin I., and Greenberg, Edward S. The Struggle for Democracy. (Longman, 2002). Moore, Michael. Stupid White Men. (HarperCollins, 2001).
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