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The Constitution and Individual Rights Essay examples

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The Constitution and Individual Rights

In the 1780s, many people agreed that the Articles of Confederation were not a strong enough plan of government for a newly born nation. Even though The Articles of Confederation won the Revolutionary War, there were many problems with the plan of government. The Articles of Confederation was made to prevent a strong national government and it only gave each state one vote in the Confederation Congress. It could not raise money and it only had one branch, the Legislature. In 1786, delegates from each state went to Philadelphia to draft a new Constitution for the United States.
Fifty-five delegates came to Philadelphia convinced that the defects of the Articles of Confederation were so serious it would be better not to use them as a starting point. James Madison created a plan a government known as the Virginia plan. Under this plan, the national government would have the power to make and enforce its own laws, and to collect its own taxes. Two governments, the state and the national government would govern every citizen. The plan also included a Congress and three branches: the legislative, executive, and the judicial.
Even though the Virginia plan barely passed, there were many disagreements to building the new constitution. Some issues were about the Bill of Rights, representation, and the presidency. After arguing and debating about these issues for some quite time, it's no surprise that the Constitution of 1789 is known as a "Bundle of Compromises."
Article I of the Constitution deals with the legislative branch. The main debate in this area was about representation. The basis for the Virginia plan was proportional representation. The principle of proportional representation ...

... middle of paper ...

...y Federalists argued that a Bill of Rights weren't necessary. The Federalists stated that certain right were already included in the Constitution, such as ex post facto, no bills of attainder, and the writ of habeas corpus. After ten months of debating, an agreement to pass a Bill of Rights at the first Congress would be one of the first issues of business.
The Bill of Rights grants every individual in country certain right that cannot be denied, such as due process, right to religion, and the right to bear arms.
With the three branches and separation of powers, the checks and balances of our government are enforced while serving majority need of this country. The executive branch runs the national interest, the Senate runs the states' interest, the House of Representatives run the local interest, and the judiciary runs the fundamental interests of our nation.

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