The Religions, Holidays, Festivals, and Food of Germany Essay

The Religions, Holidays, Festivals, and Food of Germany Essay

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The Religions, Holidays, Festivals, and Food of Germany

Germany is a small country, yet multitudinous diversity composes it within. Composed of East and West Germany, the country has a variation of language, religion, and people (Germany 151). However, this diversity does not take away from the country, instead, it only makes the culture of Germany unique in many ways. Three very important aspects of the German culture that make the country distinct are religion, holidays, festivals, and food.
To begin, the religion of Germany is very diverse, yet it completes the German culture. The being of religious diversity began with the Reformation. The Reformation brought Protestantism into the predominately Roman Catholic country ("Germany" 151). Not all Germans converted, which caused the first major religious change. Most people inhabiting northern and central Germany became Protestants while the southern part of Germany remained Roman Catholic (151). The next religious movement came when Adolph Hitler came into power over Germany. About 560,000 Jewish people abided in Germany before Hitler took over (151). However, this number rapidly dwindled when the majority of the Jewish population was either killed, placed into concentration camps, or emigrated to another country. Currently, only 70,000 Jews live in Germany (151). Their rights are now protected on account of a document that was established to protect the rights of all Germans, regardless of their religious affiliation. This document is the Basic Law of Germany, and article four declares, "Freedom of faith and conscience as well as freedom of creed, religious and ideological, are inviolable. The undisturbed practice of religion shall be guaranteed" (Kappler 44...

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... and festivals are a special time that the Germans get to celebrate with their kinsmen, and also with people from all over the world. These celebrations include a variety of German food and drinks. Germany is a country who draws the people in by its unparalleled original people and ways of life.


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