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Environmental Management Systems Essay

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Environmental Management Systems

. ISO 14001 is a management standard, it is not a performance or product standard. The underlying purpose of ISO 14001 is that companies will improve their environmental performance by implementing ISO 14001, but there are no standards for performance or the level of improvement. It is a process for managing company activities that impact the environment.

The Environmental Management System contains the following elements:
 An environmental policy supported by top management .
 Identification of environmental aspects and significant impacts.
 Identification of legal and other requirements.
 Environmental goals, objectives, and targets that support the policy.
 An environmental management program.
 Definition of roles, responsibilities, and authorities.
 Training and awareness procedures.
 Process for communication of the EMS to all interested parties.
 Document and operational control procedures.
 Procedures for emergency response.
 Procedures for monitoring and measuring operations that can have a significant impact on the environment.
 Procedures to correct nonconformance.
 Record management procedures.
 A program for auditing and corrective action.
 Procedures for management review.
There are two phases to establishing an ISO 14000 EMS: creating the EMS and getting registered

1. Create an EMS
1. Establish a project committee responsible for learning about ISO 14000 and managing the creation of the EMS.

2. Project committee prepares a briefing for top management describing ISO 14000, the EMS, registration, costs, and benefi...

... middle of paper ...

...ction. Product development, service delivery, materials purchasing, product design, and manufacturing operations must all be included. I Auditors will look for continuous improvement in the system. These improvements can include better education of employees, better communication of ideas from and to employees, better reporting of environmental impacts within the company, and improved identification of environmental aspects. ISO 14000
 The benefits of ISO 14000 may be new to the organization, so they may not be recognized or pursued. Since there is a cost to ISO 14000 registration, pursuit of benefits must be aggressive. In organizations that have an environmental management department, their role will change from one of just responding to laws and regulations to one that includes leadership and education for all members of the organization. ISO 14000

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