Essay on The Global Drinking Water Shortage

Essay on The Global Drinking Water Shortage

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The Global Drinking Water Shortage

Table of Contents 2
Introduction 3
Year 2000 Opinions 3
Global Warming Issues 5
Technical Advances 6
Academic and Research Interviews 7
Scenarios… 9
Best Case isn’t Utopia 9
The Probably Outcome 11
The Worst Case 12
Conclusions 13
References or Bibliography 14


Seventy one percent of our planet is covered by water, so it would seem that we could never run out of drinking water. But of that seventy one percent, ninety seven percent is salt water – extremely expensive to convert into drinking water. The other three percent is fresh water, which is contained in: glaciers, polar caps, lakes, rivers, and ground water. Out of this three percent, only one percent is available for use as drinking water for humans and animals, irrigation water for agriculture, and process water used by the nations ubiquitous factories.

In the year 2014, there is a global shortage of fresh water. Increasingly, all potential sources of drinking water are becoming polluted. One begins to question, Will there be enough drinking water to support mankind in the year 2025?

In this report, I will present expert opinions as too emerging trends and possible future trends in water consumption and conservation. I will present a variety of expert opinions of the present and possible future concerns concerning the global shortage of fresh water. I will present several possible scenarios concerning the future ramifications of a global shortage of fresh water supported by experts in hydrology and environmentalism. I will also present expert opinion as to the effects of an ever expanding global population on our fresh water supply.

Year 2014 Opinions
Throughout mankind’s four and...

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