The Translation of the Exported Commodities Essay

The Translation of the Exported Commodities Essay

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The Translation of the Exported Commodities
The translation of trademark is a very complicated work. The exported commodities are the windows to show the national culture to the other countries. In the five thousand years' long history, China has kept up its fine tradition, and also it has bequeathed much culture tradition. So when we do the translation of the Chinese trademark, two things we must pay special attention.

1.1.1 Keeping national feature
First, we must consider the specialties and try to keep their own national color. For example, many names of commodities in our country are connected with some mountains, rivers and interests. If we keep these images in the translated term of another language, it will give us great benefits to propaganda the products. For example, some traditional things in China are well-known to the English readers even to the world, such as "kungfu" and Great Wall. When we translate them, we have no need to do any transformation. To the English readers, these kinds of translated names are not only easy to accept, but also have the exoticism.
Another example, "玉兔" is also used as a trademark. Why we don't simply translate "玉兔" into "Jade Rabbit" and give it an English name "Moon Rabbit". Originally in Chinese fairy tales,"玉兔" is the rabbit which accompanied with Mr Wugang living under the sweet-scented osmanthus in the moon. Therefore, "玉兔" is the pronoun of moon. Here, translating it into "moon rabbit" is just embodies the elegant demeanour of our ancient culture.
1.2 Different likes to different things
1.2.1 Different lucky animals
According to the Chinese tradition, many trademarks are...

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... and finally, he give his necktie a new Chinese name "金利来". This new translated name include not only the free translation, "金"(gold), but also the homophonic translation,"利来"(lion). This name has both the meaning of riches ,honor(金) and lucky(利来). It gives our Chinese great language imagination. And it soon became the worldwide famous brand .
2.2. Some examples of the perfect translated term
With the reformation and open to the world, many world famous brands come to us. It is not hard for we to notice that many foreign products are translated into Chinese with lucky words. In the following part, I will give a form to enumerate as many this kinds of commodities as I can. From them we can see that "可口可乐" is just a member of this big family.

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