Essay on Memoirs of the Liars Club

Essay on Memoirs of the Liars Club

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Memoirs of the Liars Club

1. The memoir that I feel most reflects my life is Living in Tongues by Luc Sante. I was raised predominantly speaking another language, Farsi. It is also the language that I mainly speak at home considering my grandmother is visiting and it would be rude for me to speak to my other family members in English. When I first started Kindergarten, I did not know how to speak English, nor did I know how to write in it. I too, felt frustrated and somewhat alienated. I am also interested in American History and the historical sites and attractions within the United States. I cannot get over how large Yellowstone National Park is or how beautiful the streets of New York can get on summer nights. Whenever my parents get mad at me, they speak in Farsi too and sometimes it is hard for me to decipher what they are saying.

2. The memoir that I feel is most difficult to relate to me is Mama's Girl by Veronica Chambers. The author is seems too chaste to be true. I guess in her time, teenage sexuality was nearly accepted as much as it is now. When I was reading this memoir, I felt that some of the comments were somewhat derogatory towards a certain race. I did not appreciate her mentality when she said: "…black women were strong and did not get depressed. Depression was white girls' domain." It is completely inaccurate to say a specific group has certain characteristics. That is stereotyping and was one of the major reasons that I could not relate to this memoir. I guess the main purpose of this memoir was to expose human thought in its confused, distorted state.

3. I felt that The Age of The Literary Memoir Is Now by James Atlas has had an impact on me as a writer because the introducti...

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...telligent people in the world who do not make it far in life. While ignorant, immoral people have wealth and security. If I was Mary, I would have told the teacher the kids that are fooling around are distract her from learning. I am sure that the teacher would have done something about the matter. This would have prevented Mary from getting upset.

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Mary says she was a late bloomer. I was the same way. The kids did make fun of me for not being "hard" enough for them. I don't understand why Ben Berdeman apologizes to Mary's dad when he says "cocksucker." That sort of language is common in The Liar's Club. It's a small world out there. I like it when Mary's father helps out Dole and start to talk about where they are from. When I find myself in conversations like that, it truly amazes me how everyone is somehow connected to each other.

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