Problems Facing The World Wide Web Essay

Problems Facing The World Wide Web Essay

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Problems Facing The World Wide Web

While flipping through the old pages of a book on Speech and Communication, my eyes caught
the following lines of Marshall McLuhan: “Someday the whole world would be a global village.” He
was simply referring to the idealized concept of a diverse community where people of different races
and cultures would commune together (New York of today, for example). Little did McLuhan know
that his words will one day become literal.

That day is today! After the short “dial-up rattle”of my ISP, I loaded Netscape Navigator into
my Windows platform. Within seconds, I pulled out my customized newspaper filled with every story
that fits my profile in sources raging from local, regional, national to countless countries around the
globe; it took me much more time to make the coffee! “Desi437 has sent you an instant message;
would you like to accept it?” Oh! That’s my friend Nisha, from India. Flipping back and forth
between the browser and the Instant Messenger, I managed to pull out the stats I needed on Ireland,
for my History class; a native web site helped greatly. What Jules Verne struggled to do in 80 days, I
more or less, completed in about eight minutes. Thanks to one of the greatest discoveries of the
century - the World Wide Web!

Before an individual can understand the different problems that the World Wide Web faces, it is
necessary to understand what it is exactly and how it is structured. The World Wide Web (www) or
simply “web,” as it is passionately called among users, can simply be defined as: a large area database
with a universe of information, providing access to users around the world. Visualize a large file
cabinet; it is in fact so large ...

... middle of paper ...

... users uphold the idea of
viewing the Internet or more specifically the web, as a frontier. The dictionary defines frontier as a
realm of limitless possibilities and few social controls. One might argue that it liberates the user from
the social constrains of his or her society because, no one person, owns the web. This is false! Every
user owns the Internet! If the resource cannot be shared, it is not useful and a useless technology
cannot liberate. Law, order and most important, organization are key components for the successful
operation of the World Wide Web.


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