Essay on Nuclear Power is the Short Term Solution

Essay on Nuclear Power is the Short Term Solution

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Nuclear Power is the Short Term Solution

The world's natural resources are being consumed at an alarming rate. As these resources diminish, people will be seeking alternative sources by which to generate electricity for heat and light. The only practical short-term solution for the energy/pollution crisis should be nuclear power because it is available, cleaner and safer.
The needs for alternative energy are present today with China and India growing in population and increasing their oil consumption. In addition, the demand and competition for oil in a near future will eventually be too great for the supply; indeed, our lifestyles are currently based on inefficient energy devices. This includes automobiles and electric appliances that require high consumption energy-based industrial processes. However, experience in the field of energy has shown that nuclear power is an alternative for our future needs.
Further, of all the electricity generating methods, nuclear is the cleanest. This is a fact from mining of the uranium ore to final disposal of the wastes. There is no combustio...

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