Essay on The World Wide Web as Part of The Electronic Revolution

Essay on The World Wide Web as Part of The Electronic Revolution

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The World Wide Web as Part of The Electronic Revolution

We are all aware of the first and second industrial revolutions and how they have influenced our lives

and cultures today. This material has been presented in a limited amount so we may

have an understanding of the major technological transformations of the last three

centuries and the causes and effects of technological change. 1

I will present in this paper a limited view of a subject not covered or classified,

which (if not already) has affected our lives. Even though the Electronic Revolution is a

broad statement in itself, and may have different meanings to many people, I will

concentrate on one aspect of this Electronic Revolution; "The World Wide Web."

But what is the World Wide Web? Where did it come from, and why is it so

popular and so potentially important? Is it a system of both communications and

publication? How does it work, what effect does it have on our lives, and what can we

expect in its future? These are the questions I will attempt to answer.

The Industrial Revolution dominated the economy. Half of the population

contributed to the manufacturing of man-made goods. The enactment of the Patent

Law of 1790, the improvements with our infrastructure, and the availability of a vast

array of natural resources entered us into the modern era of the factory, and rapid

technological change.

The Second Industrial Revolution was of course related to the first except for it's

growth, which was even faster. Major developments with the internal combustion

engine, electricity, chemicals, continued improvements of transportation and the

organized research lab propelled us int...

... middle of paper ...

...ime you log onto the Web, or even

for your first time, and you see the address, www..., it should have a whole new

meaning for you!


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