Professional High School Athletes Essay

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Professional High School Athletes

Today's athletes are bigger, stronger, and faster than ever. A man can run 325 feet in less than ten seconds. A man can jump fifty inches vertically off his flat feet. There is an instinct in everyone that makes him or her wonder, "how do they do that?" or "I want to be like that!" These athletes are breaking boundaries every year, setting new standards and higher bars. These athletes are also getting younger… much younger. This causes much debate on how young is too young to be the best? Is it possible to be too young? Is it unconstitutional to hold them back, from their highest potential? Are we ruining a child's life, by holding them back with, of all things, school? This is the topic at hand today, and a very controversial one at that. By the time we reach the end of this paper, the truth will be known that, the fact that knowledge and education last longer than any amount of many and athletic ability, clearly shows that it is a very wise decision to stay in school, before pursuing their professional dreams.
Let us first discuss where most of a child's peaking potential begins. High school athletics is known to be some of the most competitive and demanding set of athletics in the world. Not only is the person to handle any and all schoolwork they are assigned, but also their dedication to their sport(s), social life, work, and family. This is a lot of pressure on a kid 14-18 years old. High school sports are supposed to be secondary to academics, and this is true in most cases. What happens if your school relies on its football program to bring in its revenue? Is that a case for debate? There has been an ongoing debate about weather or not athletes are treated mor...

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