Observation of Cabinet Meeting for a Craft Show Essay

Observation of Cabinet Meeting for a Craft Show Essay

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Observation of Cabinet Meeting for a Craft Show

I went to observe a meeting of an organization. This is an organization of select craftsmen who try and get there

handcrafted wares to the public. The purpose of the meeting is to plan and

organize craft shows and how they are going to get the people to come to the

shows. The main topics of the meeting was craft shows and different items

the members were going to try and sell to the public. The organization meets

once a month to discuss any new business. This month the meeting was

held on November second at six-thirty in.

There were four members on the cabinet who get together to plan and

schedule the meetings. They asked me not to reveal any of their names.

The four members of the cabinet are the president, vice president, secretary,

and the treasurer. The secretary was the newest member of the cabinet.

The meeting that I observed was the first meeting that the secretary was able

to fulfill her duties. There were also three other new members in the group

that decided to join the organization. In order to be in the organization, all

the regular members have to do is pay a membership fee but the cabinet

members must be elected by the other cabinet members and by the other

members of the group. When all of the members arrived at the meeting, the

president asked the older members to stay outside and all of the new

members to come in and sit down. The president passed out little booklets.

She gave one to me. It was the agenda of what the group was going to

discuss at the meeting. After she passed out the agenda the president

explained all of the rules and regulations the members are ask...

... middle of paper ...

...ryone in the group like the original location. So the treasurer looked to

see if the organization would have enough money to cover the rest of the

cost. All of the members voted on the original location and that one won.

In my opinion, there are not many improvements that I would suggest

to the organization. I would just try to get the vice-president to participate

more within the group. I think the president should talk to the vice-president

to see if the president could do anything to help. The meeting was very

formal meeting, but the members were scattered all over the room. If a

member had something to say to one of the cabinet members, it was very

hard to hear them. I would suggest that they would get into a group around

the cabinet members, that way everyone would be able to hear what they

were trying to say.

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