Essay on Personal Narrative: My Friend's Steriod Use

Essay on Personal Narrative: My Friend's Steriod Use

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Personal Narrative: My Friend's Steriod Use

The media has done an excellent job of creating the ideal body type, with a bombardment of images of what we should look like. However the odds of the average person being able to fit this model are very slim indeed.
Since 1997 I have been a member of a health facility where I have worked and worked trying to mold myself into that ideal type. It seems that the closer I get the farther away I am from my goal
One day one of my close friends and work out partners suggested that we go on a cycle of anabolic steroids to improve our performance in the gym and give ourselves the boost that we were looking for. I immediately dismissed his suggestion thinking that it was just a passing thought. 3 months later I learned that he friend was ready to begin his first cycle.

After some basic research on the Internet, my friend discussed the matter of purchasing a steroid and a deal was stuck with the local dealer. Another acquaintance of mine with which I had no idea was on and even worse selling this illegal product. The first drug that he purchased was known as Decca Durra Bolin, developed in the early 1960’s this drug has since been shown to be beneficial to AIDS patients, by increasing such things as appetite and the bodies metabolism. After doing some research my friend discovered that this was possibly the safest steroid available, with minimal side effects.

There seem to be many side effects associated with these drugs. Minimally they include reduced sperm count, impotence, the development of breast, and shrinking of the testicles. With the extreme side effects being blood clotting disorders, liver damage, and premature heart attacks. The thing that strikes me odd is th...

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.... I find this quite odd, as several other parties took part in the conversation. With questions being raised such as how could they explain their massive gains and losses in such a short time? I found that there were no satisfactory answers. One funny thing was that I was asked whether or not my original friend had taken steroids, my response was that I did not know.
I still talk to all of my friends who have in the past or continue to use steroids. I wonder what will be the outcome of their abuse to their bodies. Most claim that the risks to be minimal. It seems that all of these side effects happen to someone else. I truly don’t blame anyone who succumbs to the pressures of taking these powerful drugs. I feel that many people can justify their actions similarly to the actions of a smoker. With the satisfaction now, while the consequences much later.

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