Essay on Comparative Study of Jewish Marriage and Hindu Marriage

Essay on Comparative Study of Jewish Marriage and Hindu Marriage

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Comparative Study of Jewish Marriage and Hindu Marriage

The Old Testament is the first part of the Holy Bible. Together with the New Testament, it forms the scripture that are sacred to Christians. Jews accept only the old Testament emphasizing the idea of covenant between God and His people, and contains a record of their history to show how faithfully they observed this covenant. As a cultural treasure, the Old Testament is one of the most important source we have for knowledge of the past.
Jews divide the Old Testament into three main sections called THE LAW, THE PROPHET and THE WRITINGS. 'THE LAW' consists of the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deutronomy and in this section, we can find rules of marriages and inheritance writing in a disorganised manner.
Marriage is the state in which men and women can live together in sexual relationship with the approval of their social group. Adultery and fornication are sexual relationships that society does not recognize as constituting marriage. This definition is necessary to show that in the Old Testament, polygamy is not sexually immoral, since it constitutes a recognized married state; though it is generally shown to be inexpedient.
Marriage is regarded as normal, and there is no word for 'bachelor' in the Old Testament. The record of the creation of Eve1 indicates the unique relationship of husband and wife, and serves as a picture of the relationship between God and his people. Monogamy was explicit in the story of Adam and Eve, since God created only one wife for Adam. Yet polygamy was adopted from the time of Lamech2 and is not forbidden in Scripture. It is difficult to know how far polygamy was practised, but on economic ...

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...nd Jews marriage recorded in the Book of Old Testament and draw a comparison between the two. It has help me to understanding the meaning and the logic behind their forms of marriages. Most of all, through this work, I have received a better understanding of Hindu, Jews marriage in particular and the sociology of marriage in general.
I find it very interesting to work on Hindu marriage and Jews marriage recorded in the Book of Old Testament and draw a comparison between the two form of marriages. It has help me to understand the meaning and the logic behind their forms of marriages.

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2. The Sacrament of Marriage in Hindu Society.
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3. Family, Kinship and Marriage in India.
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3. International Encyclopadia of Social Sciences.

4. Class notes.

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