Essay on Elements of Psychology and Sociology in The Lord of the Flies

Essay on Elements of Psychology and Sociology in The Lord of the Flies

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Elements of Psychology and Sociology in The Lord of the Flies

In viewing the aspects of the island society, the author William Golding's Lord of the Flies as a symbolic microcosm of society. He chooses to set the children alone in an unsupervised world, leaving them to learn ‘ the ways of the world’ in a natural setting first hand. Many different perspectives can also be considered. Golding's island of marooned youngsters becomes a microcosm. The island represents the individual human and the various characters represent the elements of the human psyche.
In My readings I learned that there were deep physiological symbols which led me to investigate into numerous psychology and sociology books. I realized that Golding's world of children's morals and actions then becomes a survey of the human condition, both individually and collectively. Almost textbook in their portrayal, the primary characters Jack, Ralph and Piggy are then best interpreted by Freud's concepts of id, ego and the superego, respectively
Traditional psychoanalytic theory states that all human beings are born with instinctual drives that are constantly active even though a person is usually not conscious of thus being driven. Two drives known for sexual pleasure, called libido, the other called aggression In discovering the thrill of the hunt, Jack’s pleasure drive is emphasized. In one point in he book Jack said to Ralph “ …you should have been there with us Ralph. We had a smashing time…” This statement was made right after Jack had violently had killed a gutted a mother pig. This emphasizes the fact that the boys are losing sight of reality drifting further and further down the river of fantasies. Ralph on the other hand is still in contac...

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...nflict between the id and the ego may well be a symbol for a greater crisis for the island/person, where it is reduced to an internalized battle between its two fundamental psychological processes.
A mental patient fighting against sanity or a sane person fighting insanity, was this an attempt at suicide or a fight for the rein?


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