How the Study of Sociology Helps us to Understand Different Societies Essay

How the Study of Sociology Helps us to Understand Different Societies Essay

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Sociology allows us to understand how different groups of people act
the way they do, and also brings us into their cultures, heritage and
different backgrounds. This study also explains how culture plays a role in
the way different groups act, and how it reflects on their society. There
are many social issues that sociology explains, such as how larger social and
historical forces effect the way the communities act and how individuals
act. All of these topics stress how important sociology is today, and how
much of a difference it makes in the understanding of different societies.

In today?s society people are influenced by the way other people live,
and the way people carry out their lives. Other people like to fallow other
peoples values, morals, and how they carry out their responsibilities. All of
these things effects the way an individual lives, and acts, for instance if
people go to school to get an education and get a well paying job. Many
people are going to do the same thing just to be in the same class and
society, and make the money to have what everyone else has. The
importance of education in today?s world is very important in getting that
job that pays exceptional well. In today?s society people go to school get a
good job and a few years after getting established they start a family. In
the past people sometimes graduated highschool and starting a family was
more important then getting that well paid job.

There are many benefits in having an social imagination. With the
imagination people know how to live their lives, and know how to fit in to a
group. They fit into a group to feel welcomed and not like an outsider.
Feeling part of a group also give a person self confide...

... middle of paper ...

...n beat
up cloths then I assume that their not wealthy, dirty, and doesn?t like to
take care of them selves. This judgment of others is bad because I know
from experience. I wear nice cloths and try to look good all the time but I
am not rich or that wealthy. I know kids from my high school who wear
worn, beat up cloths that are really rich, and they wear those cloths
because that?s their style of living. It could be their culture in a sense but
they are just being them selves.

With out the study of sociology many people wouldn?t know where to
begin in how to understand how a society works. The examining of how the
culture works and functions helps us to get a feel of how the different
cultures relate to each and every one?s society. Through this study we get
a whole new view on how the world is oriented on culture and how every
society acts.

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