Researching Profit of Pro Football in Ottawa Essay

Researching Profit of Pro Football in Ottawa Essay

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Researching Profit of Pro Football in Ottawa

Between 1876 and 1996, Ottawa was home to the professional football team know as the Rough Riders. After spending most of their last years on financial life support, the Rough Riders died a quick death in November 1996 when the Canadian Football League (CFL) revoked their franchise. The team began accumulating debt in 1985 under then-owner Allan Waters of Toronto, sparking an endless series of financial battles between city hall and the different owners in which came and went. With former mayor Jim Durrell at the helm, the Riders were given two weeks in August 1996 to raise $1.25 million in sponsorship and season ticket sales. The team attracted its biggest crowd in more than a decade for a home game on Aug. 30 and was given the go-ahead to finish the year. Because of withstanding debt and the CFL unwilling to pay the team's bills, the franchise was forced to fold in November of 1996.

In early March of 2000, the CFL's president and chief operating officer Jeff Giles announced that professional football would return to Ottawa for the 2001 season. Candidates for the new ownership position are being evaluated by Giles himself and it is expected that a decision will be made by June this year. However, the real question remains that of profitability. Can a professional football team survive in Ottawa? More importantly, can it generate profit?

This research paper will attempt to answer these questions and perhaps discover new ones. One of the first steps involves presenting a comprehensive summary of the existing research and articles. This will including the most recently published related to the rebirth of professional football in Ottawa. In addition, the research pla...

... middle of paper ...

...ons long, the fact that it had to be typed out for 30 different people over chat lines was very time consuming.



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6. Statistics Canada 1998

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8.THORNE, STEPHEN Canadian Press Monday, March 6, 2000. CFL looks south for new Ottawa franchise owner

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