Manners in Customer Service Essay

Manners in Customer Service Essay

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Manners in Customer Service

Many people say that manners are on a decline. It is perceived that people are generally rude. I'm here to report that this is not true. In my two and a half years of experience in retail, I have met and dealt with hundreds of people. I have found that as long as you are courteous, trustful, and empathetic, people can't help but reciprocate these feelings towards you
In my two and a half years at Kmart, I have learned many things about manners. I have worked in just about every area in the store and have helped many people. I use certain techniques to help them feel welcome and more comfortable while shopping. "Private companies offering goods and services for sale can't survive if they go our of their way to alienate consumers. Buyers can always go elsewhere" (Chapman 168). For this reason, I always begin every conversation with a pleasant "Hello." Also, I try to smile as much as I can. Moreover, I talk to the customer while helping them find their item, and I always end a transaction with a "Have a nice day." Also, while talking to a cu...

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