Sexual Harassment in School Essay

Sexual Harassment in School Essay

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Sexual Harassment in School

Sexual Harassment in school usually occurs during passing, recess, or during lunch. Sexual harassment can range from a quick glance to a hoot or whistle. In many cases, one does not know that they are being harassed or harassing someone. Maybe a friend tells you a dirty joke or someone who you see everyday and who you do not know gives you an unusual smile. Do you feel offended by the joke? Are you uncomfortable with the person giving you a smile? Some may say that this is more of a paranoia problem and then just push it aside, but in most cases, it is not.
Harassment usually is instigated by heterosexual males either trying to pick up a female or teasing a homosexual. Harassment usually begins in the early years in grade school. Unfortunately, in grade school, they usually don't look at sexual harassment as a problem because teachers and parents generally think the children are too young to be having sex or even think about it. This usually results in the children believing that what they are doing is not at all bad and that they will receive no consequences when committing the act. But it does have consequences. Most teens when harassed, will usually try and ignore the comment, or the offence. But that is bad. What should be done is a confrontation of the assailant. He or she should be told that what has been said is very disturbing and that it is very offensive to the victim. Also he or she should be told that if the action is ever

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committed again, that an authoritative person will be informed. That usually gets the perpetrator scared. He will most likely not bother the victim again.
Harassment sometimes isn't as public as walking down the halls. Many relationships are brok...

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... Although it may seem that men have a better defense, the fact is that they are even less likely to be taken seriously than girls.
The fact is that sexual harassment is one of the worst kinds of harassment because it is so difficult to prove. But, don't be intimidated and DEFINITELY don't put up with it, because you don't deserve to be treated that way!


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