Essay on School Dress Codes and Uniforms Are Beneficial

Essay on School Dress Codes and Uniforms Are Beneficial

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School Dress Codes and Uniforms Are Beneficial

Do schools really need a dress code? Just ask parents of kids who have to wear them and they will probably say yes. With the dress code policy parents would be able o save money on clothes for their children(Dress 1). This would be a big help for children with poor families who cant afford the proper clothes for them to wear. In addition, with uniforms these kids wont are looked at any different than everyone else because they will have the same dress attire. While I was attending high school there were no school uniforms and there were always trouble surrounding it. People would get made fun of for wearing clothes that people felt weren't appropriate. Some of the people would wear black dresses and paint their fingernails and wear lipstick. Others would just dress nicely. These different groups didn't like each other just by the way each of them dressed. They would use names such as freaks nerds jocks and devil worshipers to describe each other. No one knows if they were just expressing them selves or what but with uniforms these problems wouldn't

occur. These students would have probably gotten along a lot better if it weren't for their clothes and maybe they would have even become friends.
Students these days feel clothing are how they express themselves and we have to wonder if it is going to far. Kids don't even think of how stupid some clothing makes them look. One kid, who was charged with breaking and entering, went to court wearing a shirt with the grim reaper and a naked girl on it(Revisiting 1). Now how stupid is that? In another court case a girl was caught for driving under the influence. When she appeared for court she was wearing a Budweiser sh...

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... must also be well taken care of. While with blue jeans and shirts you can throw them in the washer but these uniforms need more care. They must always be kept clean so the student would have to spend time ironing and cleaning his clothes(K F1). Kids just don't really want or feel like putting in the extra time to handle these responsibilities and feel that uniforms are pointless.
The most highly regarded reason for uniforms is gang violence(sociological 4). Gangs often identify each other by certain colors or certain clothes they wear. Uniforms would lower the number of gangs
Alternatively, make them less important without their "colors". Some schools have specific dress codes where you cant wear certain things. The wearing of sports clothing was banned in one school where officials thought the gangs were associated with these clothes(Revisiting 4-5).

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