The Qualities of Real Friends Essay

The Qualities of Real Friends Essay

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The Qualities of Real Friends

To have friends is an essential part of life and comfort. When you were little you had friends in school that you could play with. You shared your toys with them and laughed with them while the teacher was speaking. When you were in middle school, you probably adopted a clique of friends to see after class and hang out with after school. Later on in high school, you most likely narrowed your choice to one companion that you could share your troubles with. These are the people you chose to spend that time of your life with, and these are the people that cultivated who you are. Everyone has certain expectations of what a valuable friend should be like. What I think makes a friend is loyalty, personality and availability.
A good friend has to be loyal and trust worthy. You can't live your life afraid that the person that you trust the most is going to betray you. I think in the beginning of each friendship you should test your friend's loyalty. You should never tell them too much of yourself too soon and have high expectations. When they have proven to you that they have a good heart and don't mean malice to you, then you should hold them close to your heart. It is a strong feeling of sanctuary to know that the person you call at night to spill your life to will never tell a soul. It is not good to keep things inside all the time and sometimes you need someone to share your feelings with. At other times you want someone to listen to your daily life and go through the same trials of events that happen to you; however, your friends can give you an objective point of view.
Excellent friends are the ones who are enjoyable to be with. They have to have an amazing ...

... middle of paper ... share. When you don't spend time with your friend, both of your lives will seem distant and there won't be anything to talk about either.
Who influences you when you are younger affects who you are in the future. When you are young, your mind is very fragile and is easily brainwashed by external factors. If you pick friend that has bad values you are most likely to attain the same values. There is an old saying that goes "You are who you hang out with". It is a very simple saying but there is a whole lot of truth in it. A really good friend is one who will give you good morals and has a good conscience. The person will help you gain strength and help you stand up for yourself. You want somebody that stands up straight by your side and is proud to have someone like you by theirs. An ideal friend will help you grow as a person and build your character.

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