Personal Narrative Losing Weight Essay

Personal Narrative Losing Weight Essay

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Personal Narrative Losing Weight

I know I should lose weight. It requires a lot of perseverance that I one time had and need to find again. Many of the reasons I should lose weight are very clear to me. I have read many articles and have heard what my doctor has told me. I lost over forty pounds about three years ago, unfortunately, I gained it back two fold when I was pregnant with my daughter. I still have not been able to get rid of this weight since she was born. Sometimes it causes me to get tired just from going to the grocery store. I also found out in September of last year that I have hypertension (high blood pressure) which effected my vision drastically by the following November. Other problems are social such as the way some people look at me in public and the way I view myself. Three the possible effects of losing weight would be gaining energy, better health, and having a better physical appearance.
One of the immediate effects of losing weight for anyone is usually gaining energy. When I get that extra boost of energy that I have not felt in a while, it is a most wonderful experience. I am able to get things done at home that I have been procrastinating about for weeks and sometimes months. It would be marvelous to have that driving force almost everyday just because I lost some weight. Without a doubt, I would use the extra energy to exercise so I could lose more weight and gain more energy. There are so many things that I would love to do with my family, but I only have so much stamina to do them now. I do not spend enough time with my friends either because I am too tired to go anywhere and do anything with them. Right now, it is only a dream of mine to feel energetic most of the day. I wis...

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...hat I will live a longer life would greatly increase as well. Being thinner would enable me to shop at any clothing store I wanted and look good in almost anything I wear. I would be able to look at myself in the mirror and be proud of myself for having the willpower to lose the weight. If I do not lose this weight, I may someday lose the ability to enjoy the things that I still have the energy to do now. What if I get diabetes or lose the ability to walk because my joints have given out on me? With all the positive effects of losing weight and all the negative effects of being fat staring me in the face, I need to put my best effort forward and lose this weight. It is not the time to act and stick to it. I not only want to gain better health, energy, and look better by losing weight; I want to gain the freedom from the heaviness it has created in my heart.

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