A Womans Place is not in the Home Essay

A Womans Place is not in the Home Essay

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A Womans Place is not in the Home

I glanced at my watch; it was 3:30 p.m. I logged off the computer picked up my car keys and signaled to my boss. He knows the meaning of that familiar signal. It means I am dashing off to pick up my kids (ages 10 and 13) from school. After picking them up I will take them home and leave them to perform the familiar routine that they have been practicing for years. First they will have their bath, then take the microwave able containers with the specific day labeled from the fridge, placed it in the microwave oven, have their dinner, complete their assignments then head to the baby sitter. The baby sitter being none other than the good old television set or their video games. I would call from my office occasionally to ensure that everything is okay. They have strict orders not to open doors to strangers, and all emergency numbers are at their fingertips. This routine has taught them to be responsible and independent children. At approximately 7:00 pm I would drag myself home, check their assignments, have a little chit-chat with them and then head off to bed.
I compared this to the days when I used to get the bus home from school and would be greeted by my mother with a smile on her face and a cool drink in her hand. She would ask us the familiar question, which we sometimes forget to answer. "How was school today? Did you enjoy you nice lunch that I packed in your lunch kit"? After our bath we would sit at the dining table and enjoy a nice warm meal while sharing the days events. In retrospect I can only ask myself this question. "What has happened to those good old days"? Why did women abandon their place in the home?
Prior to the Industrial Revolution which took place in the Eigh...

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