Essay on Civil Disobedience and the Bible

Essay on Civil Disobedience and the Bible

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Civil disobedience is a nonviolent opposition to a law through refusal to comply with it, on grounds of conscience.

I understand why somebody might want to oppose the law. Somebody might have their own beliefs on what is right and wrong and they wouldn’t know when they're disobeying. But when you do know what you're doing, if you don’t obey a certain law set forth for you to follow, there most likely will be some kind of consequence for not following the law. You could go to jail, be put on restraint, have something taken away, etc. There are a number of other consequences that could be given to someone for disobeying a law.

The Bible talks about obedience. When Solomon and his workers followed God’s instructions, the Temple work was blessed by God and completed pretty much perfectly.
In Leviticus 26:3-4, God said, “If you (the Israelites) keep my laws and are careful to obey my commands, 4I will send the seasonal rains. The land will then yield its crops, and the trees will produce their fruit.” God goes on to say in verse 6 “I will give you peace in the land, and you will be able to sleep without fear. I will remove the wild animals from your land and protect you from your enemies. 7In fact, you will chase down all your enemies and slaughter them with your swords. 8Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand! All your enemies will fall beneath the blows of your weapons.”

Here are some examples of people who didn’t obey God’s instructions, and what happened to them in the end.

1. Adam and Eve were told by God not to eat the fruit from the tree in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:16-17). Satan tempted them (Genesis 3:1-6), and they were banished from the Garden. Pain and de...

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... of the earth will be blessed – all because you obeyed me.”

It must have been very hard for Abraham to do what he did. Although he didn’t end up killing his son, he didn’t know what was gonna happen when they were making their trip up to the mountain. He was faithful in God and knew that whatever reason God had for telling him to kill Isaac, that he needed to obey.

All we need to do is listen to God. If there’s anything we’re having problems with, pray to God, ask others to pray for you, or do whatever you can so that you can communicate with God and find out what He wants us to do.
Work Cited The English Standard Version Bible. New York: Oxford University Press, 2009. Print.

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