Capital Punishment Results in a Better Society Essay

Capital Punishment Results in a Better Society Essay

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Capital Punishment Results in a Better Society

When it comes to capital punishment most people think of the death penalty. I don't think people realize how many papers, books, and controversies there is over this topic. One of the many questions that arise when people think about capital punishment is how it affects crime, and more importantly, if we use the death penalty more effectively, it not only becomes a deterrent to crime, but also brings about a better society.

When we use the death penalty and others learn from the mistakes of those receiving the death penalty then it is a successful deterrent. An article from the American Economic Review (quoted in the book The Death penalty, 1949) titled "The Deterrent Effect of Capital Punishment: A Question of Life and Death," stated this fact perfectly. "For every execution that occurred in the United States in the Period 1933 -- 1967, between seven and eight potential murders were avoided." This fact states that people actually do learn from others' mistakes. People have to fear something before it stops them from doing wrong again. There is nothing worse to fear than death, except for fear itself. An example of a successful deterrent is a mother with children. When one child does something wrong and the mother punishes that child in front of the others it stops the child and other children from doing the same thing. This sort of thing needs to happen in society a little more. We need to punish those who do wrong right away.

When the death penalty is not used correctly and people continue to screw up in life and learn nothing from it, then the death penalty cannot be considered to be a deterrent. For most everyone, fear and death is the best deterrent. ...

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...e that it works and that we should use it more today, and that it does make better society. Second, the only problem with capital punishment today is that it is not swift and public. In the old days someone was sentenced to die and than right away his head was cut off. When we punish someone in public then others will learn from the mistakes of that one person. But when it takes fifteen years to kill someone and it happens only with a few people watching, nobody learns anything. It has been proven throughout time that capital punishment works, and that it most definitely deters crime. Even today in countries with capital punishment today, crime rates are down and people live in a better society. What's so wrong about capital punishment anyway? It's just a way to sift through society to separate the good and the bad and have everyone live in a better world.

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