Social Injustice in the Film "In The Name of The Father" Essay

Social Injustice in the Film "In The Name of The Father" Essay

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Social Injustice in the Film "In The Name of The Father"

A hot topic that always draws an interested ear to the conversation is ones' views on social justice. The mere mention of the words draws people from far and wide and from all mixes of society. The main problem seems to come up when people really don't know what social justice issues face their society and the rest of the world. The question comes up of how much real knowledge of this subject do people invest in. It is quite surprising how many half truths that run rampant in any society. The whole idea around the word social is society but they tend to be for the most part in the dark on the subject. The people who have the monopoly of truth are the people instituting the injustice and the few who are publicly opposing them.
The movie, "In The Name of The Father," portrays a social injustice that took place in England. It is a story of a family that was wrongly imprisoned for a crime they did not commit. The two main characters who are suspected of the bombing are Paul Hill and Gerry Conlin. They are both from Belfast, Ireland and are in England to get away from all the craziness in their hometown. The two of them are shortly arrested after Gerry robs a prostitute's apartment. They took the money he stole and started spending it like they were truly wealthy. Gerry decided to return home and share his new wealth. Little did they know that this night would be the start of the downfall for them.
Gerry and Paul are both arrested but neither knows why this is happening to them. They are both being held on a new law that allows police the right to hold possible terrorists for seven days before charging them. This gave the police the power to arrest anyb...

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...erry come along. Hours latter a priest comes and tells Gerry that his father had passed away. Gerry is really wanting to prove his innocence and get out of this jail. Ms. Perce is willing to do what she can but she faces much resistance from the police. She keeps coming up against files that are classified and she is only allowed to look at one document at a time. Well, one day she goes in and the normal attendant is not there and he says that she needs to come back and she argues that she can not because she has to go to court the next day. So he went back to get the file and when he got there he said ‘there are two Conlins which do you want Guiseppe or Gerry.' She takes the file on Gerry because she has never been allowed to see it and in it she finds a statement proving the alibi that Gerry had said with a note attached that said do not show the defense.

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