Television Can Accomplish Education Through TV Essay

Television Can Accomplish Education Through TV Essay

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Television Can Accomplish Education Through TV

Problems with kids and television have existed since the invention of this media instrument. For example, parents are concerned
with the number of hours children spend in front of the television, as well as the amount of violence represented in different
programs. Most important, parents are speculating as to what educational value TV actually has.

People have always wondered about effects television could have on individuals. By the late 1980 s, an increasingly deregulated
broadcasting industry had achieved some powerful victories over education. Shows with a greater amount of controversial subject
matter started to air. Censorship was decreased a great deal. On average, children between the ages of six and twelve are
watching 20 to 28 hours of television a week, which almost equals the 35-40 hours kids spend in school. Some claim, however, that
TV has begun to dominate more than just time.

Television projects the characteristics of the cultural environment surrounding it. People like David Marc believe television "leaves
behind a body of dreams that is, to a large extent, the culture we live in," and he concludes that television, not education, is the
"most effective purveyor of language, image, and narrative in American culture." (1)

However, others continue to stress the "ultimate effect" television has on education. It is recognized by Leon Botstein that "the
simplification and standardization of language" controls the extent of expression and thought. Because of this, "eloquence and even
originality, from the perspective of the classroom" have become insignificant. (3)

It is the opinion of the Center for Educational Priorities that by the 1990 s, televis...

... middle of paper ...

...r not, TV has become an important device in the
United States, as well as in the rest of the world. Children should not be kept away from this form of media. Instead, children
should be taught interesting, quality subject matter with television as an aid. Images in a child s mind can become so much more
vivid when he or she can compare them to images they behold on television. The argument that television lacks originality and
promotes stupidity suffers because television can offer insight and a sense of wonder through intelligent and imaginative
programming. Since there are people of this generation who do not enjoy Hamlet, it is safe to say that not every citizen living
during the late 1500 s to early 1600 s was an avid fan. If Shakespeare is said to be revered now, who is to say whether Seinfeld
will be revered at the level of Shakespeare in years to come?

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