Society's Allowance of Racism Essay

Society's Allowance of Racism Essay

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Society's Allowance of Racism

Throughout history, race have been defined along genetic, legal, and social line each presenting its own set of problems. Genetic race has been defined by nothing differences in gene frequencies amongst selected groups. The legal definition of race were not devised to determine who was black or of another race, but rather who was not white. Most legal definitions of race were devices to prevent blacks from attending white schools, serving on juries, holding certain jobs, or patronizing certain public places. Last but not least we have social lines, which defines race as the decisive one in most interactions. It pays little attention to an individual’s hereditary physical features or to whether his or her percentage of “Negro Blood” is one fourth, one eighth, or one sixteenth. According to social definitions of race, if a member of a certain race and others respond to that person as a member of that race, it makes little sense to say that he or she is not a member of that race. Although we have progressed to a more “open-minded” society, there are some issues that need to be cleared. There’s a case of discrimination and racial tension going on that need to be brought to a head. Many of these actions are taken place upon minorities. To a certain extent, our society is still segregated. We as believers of Christ needs to learn to accept each other for who we are and not for the color of one’s skin.
Some still see our society as a racist society. The past years of the 60’s and 70’s were to open doors for blacks and other minorities. Freedom marches were held, sit-ins, and different protest movements were held to fight for freedom and equal justice. Many would say that the battle has bee...

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...s ago outside the state courthouse. Everyone knows the purpose of the Ku Klux Klan. So if we’re trying to keep peace, why allow them to perform such behavior. Yes everyone has the right of freedom of speech (5th amendment), but certain activities should not be allowed. Only if they’re to strengthen our society. If such groups or an organized activity (such as “theme houses”) is a threat to society, then should we raise conflict and demand that they are suspended. I’m not saying it’s good to be segregated but if that’s all they have to offer then accept it. If they did not permit theme houses, it would be a problem. They would make an argument that the college is prejudice and have a racial state of mind. Whether you allow them or not, everyone is going to have an opinion so why not allow them look at it as a positive activity amongst black college students.

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