Implementing Uniforms In School is The Right Thing To Do Essay

Implementing Uniforms In School is The Right Thing To Do Essay

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The argument whether uniforms should be allowed in school has been debated over the last few decades. Implementing a uniform policy within schools would help reduce the rise of violent crimes. In today's high schools, too many innocent youths become fatalities due to gang warfare that has spread into the school system. Many parents feel that if a uniform policy was implemented the spread of gang warfare and the idea children have to have name brand clothing would decrease drastically. However others are worried that this policy would infringe on students First Amendment rights. Yet there are other parents that all worried that the uniforms will cost too much. In the following essay these issues will be addressed.
Proponents of uniforms argue that the widespread violence in schools is due largely to the gangs. They believe that the distinctive gang colors and symbols are used to intimidate non-gang members and reinforce gang allegiance. Gang members are often found wearing clothing with professional sports teams logos on them. The clothing is often stolen from local stores or from other children. Children who where this kind of clothing to so only because they like it or it is in style. Jim Steinberg of the San Francisco Examiner believes that," They have become a fashion statement and sometimes a gang statement." (1) This is why so many parents want the schools to go to a mandatory uniform policy.
Many parents believe that if children wore uniforms, the violence in schools would drop drastically. Long Beach unified school district was the first large urban school district in the United States to implement a mandatory uniform policy. " In 1994, the Long Beach unified school district in California became the nation's fi...

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... down from one child to another. By doing this they would come out ahead in the long run.
The controversy whether to implement the uniform policy has gone on for quite a few years now. Both sides of the argument give compelling reasons why or why not the policy should be implemented. But with the rise in the violent crimes in the school system, I feel that it’s his time to protect our children and implement it. If we do not do it now, America's children will grow up knowing only violence. They will not know what it's like to live a life without fear. So if you have a chance to implement the uniform policy; do it.


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