Lab Report Testing Effect of Tulips on the Speed of the Healing Process Essay

Lab Report Testing Effect of Tulips on the Speed of the Healing Process Essay

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Lab Report Testing Effect of Tulips on the Speed of the Healing Process

The variable in this experiment is plants given to patients recovering from hip surgery.
Five patients will be given tulips to take care of in their hospital room, while five patients will just
undergo normal physical therapy for recovery.

All of the people in this experiment will be the same age and will be recovering from the
same surgery. The patients will also be observed in a hospital setting and must stay in the hospital
until they are healed. The people in this experiment will also be the same sex. The people given
tulips will be compared against the people not given tulips. All are to undergo normal therapy
during the experiment.

Identify the Problem
The point of this experiment is to find out whether or not taking care of plants can quicken
the healing rate of a recovering surgery patient. If taking care of plants is the reason for less
healing time, then people should be able to cut hospital stays and bed rest time down by taking
care of plants.

Collect Information
An already known fact about plants is that they seem to appeal to everyone's senses. In
experiments by the American Horticultural Therapy Association, it was discovered that touching a
plant can calm a person. This may result in people not feeling worried about their sickness or
forgetting about what is troubling them. Also, plants have the ability to evoke pleasant memories.
Studies have shown that patients are able to gather strength quicker and reduce depression by
walking in a garden on a regular basis. Research also shows that handling plants can reduce blood
pressure and feelings of stress. It is needed to find out if ...

... middle of paper ...

...he numbers one through
ten. Ten is the best a person can be feeling, while one is the worst a person can feel. The x-axis
should be labeled with the seven days of the week. Make a key identifying the different color bars.

Analyze the Data and Draw Conclusions
I believe the data will show that the people taking care of the tulips while undergoing
normal physical therapy will heal quicker than those people not taking care of tulips, and the
hypothesis will be supported. However, if the data collected shows no significant difference in the
condition of the people recovering from surgery, then the hypothesis has not been supported. The
data should show that the people taking care of the plants have a quicker healing time because they
have a better outlook on things. They feel a sense of accomplishment because they are able to take
care of a plant.

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