Essay on Protecting the Ozone Layer

Essay on Protecting the Ozone Layer

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Orbiting above the Earth, an astronaut can look down on our home and see the thin blue ribbon that rims our planet. That transparent blanket -- our atmosphere -- makes life possible. It provides the air we breathe and regulates our global temperature. And it contains a special ingredient called ozone that filters deadly solar radiation.
The Atmosphere
The gaseous area surrounding the planet is divided into several spherical strata separated by narrow transition zones which is the atmosphere. (Graedel 1998) The upper boundary at which gases disperse into space lies at an altitude of approximately 1000 kilometers above sea level. (Graedel 1998) More than 99% of the total atmospheric mass is concentrated in the first 40 km from Earth's surface. (Graedel 1998) Atmospheric layers are characterized in chemical compositions that produce variations in temperature. (Graedel 1998)
Here is a graph of the different layers in the atmosphere:

The troposphere is the atmospheric layer closest to the planet and contains the largest percentage of the mass of the total atmosphere. (Garcia 1994) It is characterized by the density of its air and an average vertical temperature change of 6 degrees Celsius (C) per kilometer. (Graedel 1998)
Temperature and water vapor content in the troposphere decrease rapidly with altitude. Water vapor plays a major role in regulating air temperature because it absorbs solar energy and thermal radiation from the planet's surface. (Graedel 1998) The troposphere contains 99 % of the water vapor in the atmosphere. Water vapor concentrations vary with latitudinal position. They are greatest above the tropics, where they may be as high as 3 %, and decrease toward the Polar Regions.
All weather phen...

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...wide. However, how much of the loss is the result of human activity, and how much is the result of fluctuations in natural cycles, still need to be determined. To understand global atmospheric changes, we need to understand the composition and chemistry of Earth's atmosphere and how they are affected by human activity. To create accurate models, scientists must account for all of the factors affecting ozone creation and destruction, and conduct simultaneous, global studies over the course of many years. (EPA 2000)
The ozone layer must continue to be protected and we, as individuals, need to take the right steps into preserving our atmosphere and environment by finding new ways to prevent the ongoing destruction that has been done to it. If everyone does his or her part to help, no matter how big or small, we can ensure that this problem will be solved.

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