My Friend Anne and Bipolar Disorder Essay

My Friend Anne and Bipolar Disorder Essay

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My Friend Anne and Bipolar Disorder


Anne, a registered nurse, is known for her exuberant personality. Talkative, always having an interesting story to reveal, she automatically owns your attention. Someone meeting her for the first time is likely to be fascinated by this flamboyant woman whose liveliness makes her the "life of the party."


Only those she is close to know how excessive her moods are. Anne often goes off in too many different directions, making plans to take part in the local church bake sale, open her own lamp store, sew herself a new dress with original designs, all while dying her hair. She thinks nothing of picking up the phone and calling an old friend from high school at 3 A.M. since she needs practically no sleep. It doesn't occur to her, however, that her friends do need sleep. She is known to spend money recklessly, buying expensive antiques or artwork to merely store them in her garage. She takes risks in her car, not realizing the consequences of her actions. A wild comedian, and colorful storyteller, she's a virtual filing cabinet of advice on various topics that, in reality, she knows nothing about. This is a description of Anne during a manic phase.


Anne had been living with bipolar disorder for m...

... middle of paper ...

...challenging part of working and living with people who have a bi-polar disorder.


Educate yourself about the illness and its treatment. Become aware of your mood states and learn to recognize the warning signs of an impending relapse. If treated early, a full relapse may be prevented. If you learn to recognize the signs you can seek help as soon as possible. Exercise regularly, and establish regular sleep habits. And finally, there are several support groups for people with bipolar disorder which can provide a wealth of information and practical advice. Knowing you are not alone can be the greatest comfort of all.


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